New BBSRC grant on avian vision

We are excited that our BBSRC grant on the functional organisation of the avian retina has been funded! Watch this space!  

ERM2023 posters now available online

Following the recent conclusion of the European Retina Conference 2023 in Tuebingen, Germany, we have uploaded all our posters to our online repository. Check them out here!

Best talk award at NeNa Conference

Congratulations to George Kafetzis!

Paper on Bird Retina out @Nature Comms

Seifert M§, Roberts PA, Kafetzis G, Osorio D§, Baden T§. Birds multiplex spectral and temporal visual information via retinal On- and Off-channels. Nature Communications. 14, 5308 (2023).

Elected to EMBO

Delighted to have been elected to EMBO membership! See the full press release here:

Congratulations Dr. Tessa!

We are delighted that Tessa Herzog has passed her PhD viva!

For her PhD, which was done in collaboration with Leon Lagnado, Tessa looked at how cone-photoreceptorsd in the live zebrafish eye encode visual stimuli at the level of glutamate release.

Paper on Amacrine Cell functions now published

Wang X§, Roberts PA, Yoshimatsu T, Lagnado L*§, Baden T*§. Amacrine cells differentially balance zebrafish colour circuits in the central and peripheral retina. Cell Reports 42:112055.

New paper on bird retina out on bioRxiv

Seifert et al:

Birds multiplex spectral and temporal visual information via retinal On– and Off–channels

Congratulations DR Marvin!

We are most delighted that Marvin Seifert has just passed his PhD viva!

Congratulations Tessa and George!

Congratulations to Tessa Herzog and George Kafetzis for winning this year’s Talk and Posters awards, respectively, at the annual Sussex Life Sciences PhD symposium!

FASEB posters are online!

With the FASEB Conference on Retinal Neurobiology 2022 coming up in a couple of days, we have uploaded all our coming posters to our online repository. Check them out here!

New BBSRC grant

We are excited that our BBSRC grant "Spectral Circuits for Figure-Ground Segregation in Motion Vision" has been funded  

New online talk

The evolution of computation in the brain: Insights from studying the retina.

Integrative Chronobiology and Visual Neuroscience series.

Filip Janiak wins SN Postdoc Award

We are delighted that Filip Janiak has been awarded this year’s Sussex Neuroscience postdoc award. The award  recognises both Filip’s recent publication on non-telecentric 2P microscopy, and more broadly his numerous contributions to the Department’s scientific activities!

Is our retina really upside down?

We are delighted that our “my word” piece on retinal orientation is now out in Current Biology. The piece is dedicated to the late Mike Land FRS

“Non-Telecentric 2P microscopy” paper out @Nature Comms

F. K. Janiak, P. Bartel, M. R. Bale, T. Yoshimatsu, E. Komulainen, M. Zhou, K. Staras, L. L. Prieto-Godino, T. Euler, M. Maravall & T. Baden (2022). Non-telecentric two-photon microscopy for 3D random access mesoscale imaging. Nature Communications 13, 544 (2022)

New paper on amacrine cells on bioRxiv

Wang X§, Roberts PA, Yoshimatsu T, Lagnado L*§, Baden T*§. Amacrine cells shape retinal functions while dynamically preserving circuits for colour vision. bioRxiv doi:

Congratulations Dr. John!

Congratulations to Dr John Bear for passing his PhD viva!

Boehringer Ingelheim-FENS Research Award 2022

We are honored to share this year’s Boehringer Ingelheim-FENS Research Award with Prof. Tatjana Tchumachenko

Two new papers

We are delighted to see two related papers on spectral coding in outer and inner retina come out on the same day!

New lab member

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Chiara Fornetto to the lab

New paper about cone-integration on bioRxiv

Bartel P, Yoshimatsu T, Janiak FK, Baden T§. Spectral inference reveals principal cone-integration rules of the zebrafish inner retina. bioRxiv doi: 10.1101/2021.08.10.455697....

Paper on ribbon-tuning now out at eLife

Schroeder C$, Oesterle J, Berens P*, Yoshimatsu T*, Baden T*$. Distinct Synaptic Transfer Functions in Same-Type Photoreceptors. eLife 10:e67851.

New review on colour vision in the water

We are delighted to see this review on show zebrafish process “colour” published in Current Biology

Congratulations Dr. Mingyi!

Congratulations to DR Mingyi Zhou for passing her PhD viva!

New lab members

We are pleased to welcome to Eira and Carola to the lab.

Eira is part of the new Leverhulme DTC on biomimetic AI at Sussex. She will be doing her PhD on individual differences in zebrafish vision. Her project is co-supervised by Jenny Bosten from Sussex Psychology.

Carola is a new MarieCurie Fellow, and she will work on “Colour vision in the dark”, using the frog visual system as a model.

New online talk on colour vision

Many thanks again to Young IBRO for inviting us to give the inaugural talk in their new “NextInNeuro” webinar series! The recording from our talk “Retinal Circuits for Colour Vision: From Fish to Humans” available online.

New paper on colour processing the brain

We are delighted to see Philipp’s latest paper formally published!

Bartel P$, Janiak FK, Osorio D, Baden T$. Colourfulness as a possible measure of object proximity in the larval zebrafish brain. Current Biology 31(5): R235-6.

New preprint on ribbon-tuning!

We are excited to share our new preprint on #ioRxiv: “Eye-Region Specific Ribbon Tuning Supports Distinct Modes of Synaptic Transmission in Same-Type Cone-Photoreceptors”.

New Research Centre on Sensory Neuroscience and Computation

We are excited to announce the founding of SNAC, the Sussex Centre for Sensory Neuroscience and Computation. With this move, we bring together 27 research-focused labs from all across campus into a consolidated effort to study the fundamental underpinning of sensation and neuronal computation. Follow us on, and @Sussex_SNAC (Twitter).

Congratulations Dr. Max!

Congratulations to Dr. Maxime Zimmermann for passing his viva!

Congratulations Dr. Phil!

Congratulations to DR Philipp Bartel for passing his PhD viva!

New preprint on colour processing in the zebrafish brain

The brain’s bulk spectral response encodes object colourfulness, which may serve as a proxy for object distance

Open Hardware efforts featured @Nature Magazine

We are delighted that several of our efforts to promote the use of Open Hardware in research in education were featured in a recent Nature Technology Feature by Sandeep Ravindran.

New zebrafish colour vision paper on bioRxiv

Near-optimal rotation of colour space by zebrafish cones in vivo.

Yoshimatsu T, Bartel P, Schroeder C, Janiak FK, St-Pierre F, Berens P, Baden T. bioRxiv doi: direct link. pdf.

Vertebrate Vision: Lessons from non-model species. Special Issue out now

The special review issue on “Vertebrate Vision: Lessons from non-model Species” is now out in Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology.

In this work we brought together experts on the visual systems of diverse groups of vertebrates, from lampreys to ground squirrels.

Two new “remote” lab additions

We are delighted to have two “remote” lab members join us this month:

Aisha Wamala joins us remotely from London as TReND General coordinator to cover for the maternity leave of Samyra Salek

Carola Yovanovich joins us remotely from São Paulo for a project on the evolution of retinal layering

LED-Zappelin’ out @HardwareX

Maxime’s paper on our 2p scan interdigitated LED zapper is now out in HardwareX complete with BOM and detailed build instructions. Want an easy and low cost way to zap your prep without swamping the PMTs? We got you covered!

Paper on TReND out in Neuron

Nearly a decade after founding TReND together with Lucia Prieto Godino and Sadiq Yusuf, we are delighted to summarize our efforts and their impact in fostering (Neuro)science...

New paper out in Current Biology

Congratulations to Mingyi, John, Paul, Filip and Takeshi on their new paper on zebrafish RGCs! Thanks also to our excellent collaborator Julie Semmelhack in Hong Kong, who is now...

New paper on bioRxiv: 20 years of African Neuroscience

Congratulations to Mahmoud and his team for putting this together. Delighted to be involved Maina MB$, Ahmad U, Ibrahim HA, Hamidu SK, Nasr FE, Salihu AT, Abushouk AI, Abdurrazak...

UV vision paper out in Neuron

We are excited to see our latest work on UV-vision in zebrafish out in Neuron Yoshimatsu T§, Schroeder C, Nevala NE, Berens P, Baden T§. Fovea-like Photoreceptor Specializations...

PPE produced by the lab to help healthcare workers

Lab members have over the past weeks been putting together an impressive collection of DIY PPE for local healthcare workers here in Brighton and elsewhere. Our collection...

Wellcome Investigator Award in Science

We are delighted that our application "How to connect an eye to a brain" to the Wellcome Trust has been successful! Thanks to all involved, including our key collaborators on...

Sussex Visions live @Worldwide Neuro

We are excited to join the new Worldwide Neuroscience project ( with a series of talks about vision science. Thanks to Jeff Diamond for kicking...

New PLoS Biol paper on COVID-19 response through Open Hardware

Chagas AM§, Molloy JC, Prieto Godino LL, Baden T. Leveraging Open Hardware to Alleviate the Burden of COVID-19 on Global Health Systems. PLoS Biol pbio.3000730. direct link....

Marvin’s Chicken-vision review now online

Seifert M§, Baden T, Osorio D. The Retinal Basis of Vision in Chicken. Sem Cell Dev Biol. (in press). direct link. ( version).  pdf. The article will be part of a...

First PhD student from the lab passes her viva!

We are delighted to announce that Dr (!) Noora Nevala has just passed her PhD defense with flying colours! She is the first PhD student from the lab to graduate! For her PhD,...

COVID-19 and Open Hardware – new preprint live

Chagas AM§, Molloy JC, Prieto Godino LL, Baden T. Leveraging Open Hardware to Alleviate the Burden of COVID-19 on Global Health Systems. doi:...