We are located at Sussex Neuroscience, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. We also maintain a co-affiliation with The Institute for Ophthalmic Research, Tübingen, Germany.

We are always on the lookout for highly motivated folks in any relevant area. Depending on background, further options may be available! If in doubt, ask!

How to apply.

Lab Members

Tübingen Members

dsc_2255Ziwei Huang
PhD student (Tübingen /w Philipp Berens & Thomas Euler)





csm_Franke_Katrin_72b403c47bKatrin Franke, PhD
PhD (2012-16, Tübingen /w Thomas Euler)

Katrin is now a junior group leader at BCCN Tuebingen, Germany.

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DSC_2350s_cropChris Forman, PhD
Postdoc (2016)

Chris is now an assistant project scientist in the Gianneschi lab in San Diego. more info

John Bear

PhD (2018-2022)

John is currently doing the second half of his PhD with Julie Semmelhack at HKUST


Harry Bowles
MSc (2018)

Harry is now doing his PhD in London



doriDorieke Grijseels

Rotation student (2016/17)

Dori is now doing her PhD in the lab of Catherine Hall at Sussex.



2020: Adam Broda (Zebrafish behaviour), Isobel Tear (Natural imaging), Bence Szloboda (Open Hardware), Charles Shrimpton (Open Hardware), Poppy Grimes (Literature: Biomimetics), Jack Cotterill (Literature: Vision in squid)

2019: Rosie Ashley East (Zebrafish behaviour), Bruce Irving (Literature: Chameleon vision), Sian Herrera (Literature: Zebrafish as disease model), Chiara Esposito (BC anatomy)

2018: Lyra Whitehouse (BC anatomy), Meena Zaveri (Zebrafish transgenesis), Nicolaos Manesis (Natural Imaging)


Local Collaborators

International Collaborators