In the Press

News coverage (selection)


  • CORDIS, Could we train our brains to see new colours?. (Article).
  • CORDIS, Seeing the world through the eyes of a fish. (Article)
  • BioTechniques – Imaging the retina with DIY microscopes. (Article – see page 5).
  • Sussex NeuroSoc Braincast


  • (Israel), Article about our work on zebrafish colour vision.
  •, Article about our work on zebrafish colour vision.
  • Focus Magazine (Poland), Article about our work on zebrafish colour vision. (related Article published in Russian)
  • Nature Africa, Interview article about our Nature Comms article on the state of African Neuroscience
  • Blueprint Nigeria, Article about our Nature Comms article on the state of African Neuroscience
  • Finding Genius PodcastInterview podcast around concepts in neuroscience and our work in vision science.
  • Leverhulme Trust, Highlight article on our recent successful grant on frog vision.
  • EZVID feature on our lab online presence (link).


  • Nature Technology Feature on our work in Open Hardware and Africa (link).
  • Nature Technology Feature (a different one!) on our work in promoting Open Hardware in Africa (link).
  • Daily Mail article on our Neuron paper on zebrafish UV vision (article).
  • Forbes COVID-19 / FOSH article by Anuradha Varanasi. (article).
  • Nature’s Coronapod covering our PLoS Biol piece on open hardware and COVID-19. (audio).
  • (see also associated Nature Technology Feature here)


  • Tencent WE Summit. China-based TED-like event, 20 million views. (Video, Info).
  • XinhuaNet (China). “Tencent, Nature Research jointly reward young academics”. (Article).
  • Nature, Career news. “Neuroscientist wins Nature’s impact prize […]” (Article).
  • Nature Careers podcast “[…] blazes a trail for open hardware”. (article + audio).
  • BBC One Evening News (South East) feature on 3D printing and open hardware (TV clip).


  • Physics World feature “Open-Science Hardware in the developing world” by R Brazil (Article)
  • Nature Careers feature “How to start a lab when funds are tight” by Elie Dolgin (Article)
  • The Economist “Punk Science” (Article)
  • SciShow “Baby Zebrafish Eyes Work Kind of like Real-Time Photoshop” (Video).
  • Gizmodo “Whoa, check out Zebrafish Eyes” by Ryan F Mandelbaum (Article and Video)
  • Deutschlandfunk piece on Open Hardware Symposium @FENS2018 (Radio piece)
  • Bild der Wissenschaft “Karriereschub fuer Junge Forscher” by Eva Wolfangel (Article)


  • Nature Eppendorf Prize Interview (Article and awardee list)
  • Nature Podcast by J Gould (Audio)
  • Nature Jobs “TechBlog: Need an instrument? Build it!” by Jeffrey Perkel (Article)
  • The Pathologist “The Revolution Will Be 3D printed” by T Baden (Article)
  • Make Magazine Vol 56. 2017 “DIY Science” (Article).
  • Suedwest Rundfunk (German TV)
  • BNA Bulletin 81 “Deconstructing Vision” (Interview Article)
  • Others: Science Disrupt, Country Canada, BioSpektrum, Off the Bench


  • Nature News “Open Hardware pioneers push for low-cost lab kit” by Elizabeth Gibney (Article)
  • Technology Review 04/2016 “Fortschritt Marke Eigenbau” (Article).
  • MIT Technology Review “Macher von Morgen” (Article)
  • Others: Crossing Borders, Tuebingen Uni Radio


  • Sueddeutsche Zeitung “Das Labor aus dem Drucker” (Article).
  • Attempto Magazine 39/2015 “Forschung aus dem 3D Drucker” (Article).
  • Nature “Build Neuroscience Capacity in Africa” by Muindi and Keller (Correspondence piece).
  • Suedwest Rundfunk (SWR) 2 Impuls (Radio Piece).
  • Suedwest Rundfunk (SWR) 4 (Radio piece).
  • Schwaebische Tagblatt “Laborgeraete aus dem 3D Drucker”  (Article).
  • Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting, TV Panel discussion ARD-alpha.
  • PBS/BBS How we get to next (by CQ Choi).
  • Reddit AMA featured by PLoS.