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Janiak F, Bartel P, Bale M. Yoshimatsu T, Komulainen E, Zhou M, Staras K, Prieto Godino LL, Euler T, Maravall M, Baden T. A non-collimated 2-photon microscope for rapid and high-resolution 3D random access mesoscale imaging. F1000Research 2018, 7:1886. doi: 10.7490/f1000research.1116964.1. direct link.

Bartel P*, Yoshimatsu T*, Janiak F, Baden T. Zebrafish colour vision: near-optimal rotation of chromatic signals at the visual system’s first synapse. F1000Research 2018, 7:1892. doi: 10.7490/f1000research.1116334.1. direct link.


Current Preprints

Yoshimatsu T§, Schroeder C, Berens P, Baden T§. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of photoreceptor tuning for prey capture in larval zebrafish. bioRxiv doi: direct link. pdf.

Franke K*, Chagas AM*, Zhao Z, Zimmermann MJY, Qiu Y, Szatko K, Baden T, Euler T§. An arbitrary-spectrum spatial visual stimulator for vision research. bioRxiv doi: direct link. pdf. (under revision).

Dehmelt FA, Meier R, Hinz J, Yoshimatsu T, Simacek CA, Wang K, Baden T, Arrenberg A§. Spherical arena reveals optokinetic response tuning to stimulus location, size and frequency across entire visual field of larval zebrafish. bioRxiv doi: direct link. pdf.

Ran Y*, Huang Z*, Baden T, Baayen H, Berens P#, Franke K#, Euler T#§. Type-specific dendritic integration in mouse retinal ganglion cells. bioRxiv doi: direct link. pdf.

Euler T§, Franke K, Baden T. Studying a light sensor with light: multiphoton imaging in the retina. Preprints, doi:10.20944/preprints201903.0244.v1. direct linkpdf. (in press, chapter @book on 2p microscopy, Ed. E Hartveit, Nature Springer)



Nevala NE§ and Baden T§. A low-cost hyperspectral scanner for natural imaging above and under water. Scientific Reports (9) 10799. (biorXiv version). direct link. pdf.

Baden T§ and Osorio D§. The Retinal Basis of Vertebrate Color Vision. Annual Review of Vision Science (5). ( version). direct link. pdf. F1000 recommendation by G Fain.

Maina MB§, Yunusa MG, Bukar AM, Ahmad U, Salihu AT, Ibrahim HA, Muhammad A, Hamidu SK, Yaro AU, Awadelkareem MA, and Baden T. African Neuroscience on the Global Stage: Nigeria as a Model. Europ. J Neurosci, doi 10.1111/ejn.14372. (AfricArXiv version). pdf.

Also: Baden T§, Euler T, Berens P. The Retinal Basis of Vision Across Species. Nature Reviews Neuroscience (accepted). No preprint allowed, publication probably late 2019.



Baden T§, James B, Zimmermann M, Bartel P, Griseels D, Lagnado L* and Maravall M*. Spikeling: a low-cost hardware implementation of a spiking neuron for neuroscience teaching and outreach. PLoS Biology bioRxiv version). direct link. pdf.

Chagas AM (2018). Haves and have nots must find a better way: the case for open scientific hardware. PloS Biology direct link.

Zimmermann MJY*, Nevala NE*, Yoshimatsu T*, Osorio D, Nilsson DE, Berens P, Baden T§. Zebrafish differentially process colour across visual space to match natural scenes. Current Biology 28(1-15). direct link. (bioRxiv version). pdf.

Baden T§, Schubert T, Berens P, Euler T. The Functional Organization of Vertebrate Retinal Circuits for Vision. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Neuroscience. Ed. S. Murray Sherman. New York: Oxford University Press. DOI 10.1093/acrefore/9780190264086. direct link. pdf.


Chapot CA, Behrens C, Rogerson LEBaden T, Pop S, Berens P, Euler T§, Schubert T§. Local signals in mouse horizontal cell dendrites. Current Biology 27(1-13). direct link.  (bioRxiv version). pdf.

Chagas AM§, Prieto Godino LL, Arrenberg AB and Baden T§. The 100 Euro Lab: A 3-D Printable Open Source Platform For Fluorescence Microscopy, Optogenetics And Accurate Temperature Control During Behaviour Of Zebrafish, Drosophila And C. elegans. PLoS Biology. direct link. (bioRxiv version). pdf.

Forman CJ§, Tomes H, Mbobo B, Burman, RJ, Jacobs M, Baden T§, Raimondo JV§. Openspritzer: an open hardware pressure ejection system for reliably delivering picolitre volumes. Scientific Reports.  7:2188. direct link. (bioRxiv version). pdf.

Franke K and Baden T. General features of inhibition in the inner retina. Journal of Physiology doi 10.1113/JP273648; direct link.pdf.

Baden T, Schaeffel F and Berens P. Visual Neuroscience: A Retinal Ganglion Cell to Report Image Focus? Current Biology; direct link. pdf.

Franke K*, Berens P*Schubert TBethge MEuler T§Baden T§. Inhibition decorrelates visual feature representations in the inner retina. Nature; doi: 10.1038/nature21394. pdf. direct link. (bioRxiv version). News and Views by Dick Masland.


Baden T and Euler T. Retinal Physiology: Non-Bipolar-Cell Excitatory Drive in the Inner Retina. Current Biology26(15):706:8. pdf. direct link.

Euler T and Baden T. Computational Neuroscience: Species Specific Motion Detectors. Nature doi:10.1038/nature18454. link.

Theis L, Berens P§ , Froudarakis E, Reimer J, Roman Roson M, Baden T, Euler T, Tolias AS, Bethge M. Benchmarking spike rate inference in population calcium imaging. Neuron 90(3):471-82. pdf, direct link. (bioRxiv version here).

Baden T*, Berens *P, Franke K*, Roman Roson M, Bethge M, Euler T§. The functional diversity of mouse retinal ganglion cells. Nature. doi:10.1038/nature16468.pdf; direct link. F1000 recommendation by Dick Masland.


Kulkarni MM, Schubert T, Baden T, Wissinger B, Euler T, Paquet-Durand F§. Imaging Ca2+ dynamics in cone photoreceptor axon terminals of the mouse retina”. Journal of Visualized Experiments (99) doi 10.3791/52588; direct Link.

Baden T§, Chagas AM, Gage G, Marzullo T, Prieto Godino LL, Euler T. Open Labware – 3D printing your own lab equipment. PLoS Biology. 13(3):e1002086.doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1002086.  pdf; direct link.


Baden T*, Nikolaev A*, Esposti F, Dreosti E, Odermatt B and Lagnado L§. (2014). A synaptic mechanism for temporal filtering of visual signals. PLoS Biology. 12(10): e1001972. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001972. pdf Supplementary [1] [2] [3] [4] [Primer by Suh & Baccus].

Euler T§, Haverkamp S, Schubert T and Baden T. (2014). Retinal Bipolar cells: Elementary building blocks of vision. Nature Reviews Neuroscience. 15:507-519. pdf Suppementary [1] [2].


Baden T*, Schubert T*, Chang L, Wei T, Zaichuk M, Wissinger B and Euler T§. (2013). A Tale of Two Retinal Domains: Near Optimal Sampling of Achromatic Contrasts in Natural Scenes Through Asymmetric Photoreceptor Distribution. Neuron80: 1206-1217. pdf Supplementary [1].

Yusuf S, Baden T and Prieto Godino LL. (2013). Bridging the Gap: Establishing the Necessary Infrastructure and Knowledge for Teaching and Research in Neuroscience in Africa. Metabolic Brain Disease. DOI 10.1007/s11011-013-9443-x. pdf.

Baden T and Euler T. (2013). Early Vision: Where (Some of) the Magic Happens. Current Biology23(24):1096-1098. pdf.

Baden T§, Euler T, Weckström M and Lagnado L. (2013). Spikes and Ribbon Synapses in Early Vision. Trends in Neurosciences 36(8):480-8. pdf.

Baden T§, Berens P, Bethge M and Euler T. (2013). Spikes in Mammalian Bipolar Cells Support Temporal Layering of the Inner Retina. Current Biology 23(1), 48-52 pdf Supplementary [1].


Auferkorte ON, Baden T, Kaushalya SK, Zabouri N, Rudolph U, Haverkamp S and Euler T§. (2012). GABA(A) receptors containing the a2 subunit are critical for direction-selective inhibition in the retina, PLoS One, 7(4):e35109. pdf.


Baden T, Esposti F, Nikolaev A and Lagnado L§. (2011). Spikes in retinal bipolar cells code visual stimuli with millisecond precision. Current Biology(21): 1-11. pdf Supplementary [1].

Dreosti E*, Esposti F*, Baden T and Lagnado L§. (2011). In vivo evidence that retinal bipolar cells generate spikes modulated by light. Nature Neuroscience14(8): 951-2. pdf Supplementary [1].

Cederlund ML, Morrissey ME, Baden T, Scholz D, Vendrell V, Lagnado L, Connaughton VP and Kennedy BN§. (2011). Zebrafish Tg(7.2mab21l2:EGFP) Transgenics reveal a Unique Population of Retinal Amacrine Cells. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 52(3):1613-21. pdf.

before 2010

Baden T and Hedwig B§. (2010). Primary Afferent Depolarisation and Frequency Processing in Auditory Afferents. Journal of Neuroscience 30(44): 14862-9. pdf.

Baden T and Hedwig B§. (2009). Dynamics of free intracellular Ca2+ during synaptic and spike activity of cricket tibial motoneurons. European Journal of Neuroscience. 29(7):1357-68. pdf.

Baden T and Hedwig B§. (2008). Front leg movements and tibial motoneurons underlying auditory steering in the cricket (Gryllus bimaculatus deGeer). Journal of Experimental Biology. 211(13):2123-33. pdf.

Baden T and Hedwig B§. (2007). Neurite-specific Ca2+ dynamics underlying sound processing in an auditory interneurone. Developmental Neurobiology 67(1):68-80. pdf.

Becker AJ, Klein H, Baden T, Aigner L, Normann S, Elger CE, Schramm J, Wiestler OD and Blumcke I§. (2002). Mutational and expression analysis of the reelin pathway components CDK5 and doublecortin in gangliogliomas. Acta Neuropathologica. 104(4):403-8. pdf.

Becker AJ, Urbach H, Scheffler B, Baden T, Normann S, Lahl R, Pannek HW, Tuxhorn I, Elger CE, Schramm J, Wiestler OD and Blumcke I§. (2002). Focal cortical dysplasia of Taylor’s balloon cell type: mutational analysis of the TSC1 gene indicates a pathogenic relationship to tuberous sclerosis. Annuals of Neurology. 52(1):29-37. pdf.

Other publications / pieces of writing

Nature / Eppendorf Prize Interview and media. Link. Nature Podcast. Interview published in Nature 2017.

Maia Chagas A and Baden T (2015). Open Source Toolkit. PLoS Blogs. link

Baden T.  Habilitation thesis. Nonlinearities in early vision. pdf

Baden T, et al. (2013). Neurowissenschaften in Afrika – Kooperationen und Perspektiven. Neuroforum. 2:73-74. pdf

Baden T, Zorovic M and Hedwig B. (2008). Motorische Kontrolle der akustischen Orientierung von Grillen. Neuroforum 4:267-273

Baden T. (2008). PhD thesis. Activity Patterns and Calcium Dynamics of Sensory Interneurons and Motoneurons of the Cricket Auditory Pathway. (Supervisor: B Hedwig, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge). pdf

Baden T. Analysing the neuronal computer (2007). ßluesci 8:1. doc