The special review issue on “Vertebrate Vision: Lessons from non-model Species” is now out in Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology. In this work we brought together experts on the visual systems of diverse groups of vertebrates, from lampreys to ground squirrels.

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0. Vertebrate vision: Lessons from non-model species. Tom Baden.



1. Lamprey vision: Photoreceptors and organization of the retina. Gordon L. Fain.

2. Vision in sharks and rays: Opsin diversity and colour vision. Nathan S. Hart.

3. The exceptional diversity of visual adaptations in deep-sea teleost fishes. Fanny de Busserolles, Lily Fogg, Fabio Cortesi, Justin Marshall.

4. Visual system diversity in coral reef fishes. Fabio Cortesi, Laurie J. Mitchell, Valerio Tettamanti, Lily G. Fogg, Fanny de Busserolles, Karen L. Cheney, N. Justin Marshall.

5. Axes of visual adaptation in the ecologically diverse family Cichlidae. Karen L. Carleton, Miranda R. Yourick.

6. Archerfish vision: Visual challenges faced by a predator with a unique hunting technique. Cait Newport, Stefan Schuster.

7. What the salamander eye has been telling the vision scientist’s brain. Fernando Rozenblit, Tim Gollisch.

8. A frog’s eye view: Foundational revelations and future promises. Kristian Donner, Carola A.M. Yovanovich.

9. Adaptations and evolutionary trajectories of the snake rod and cone photoreceptors. Einat Hauzman.

10. Vision in chameleons – A model for non-mammalian vertebrates. Hadas Ketter-Katzab, Tidhar Lev-Aric, Gadi Katzir.

11. The retinal basis of vision in chicken. M. Seifert, T. Baden, D. Osorio.

12. Visual adaptations of diurnal and nocturnal raptors. Simon Potier, Mindaugas Mitkus, Almut Kelber.

13. Ground squirrel – A cool model for a bright vision. Wei Li.