Two new “remote” lab additions

We are delighted to have two “remote” lab members join us this month:

Aisha Wamala joins us remotely from London as TReND General coordinator to cover for the maternity leave of Samyra Salek

Carola Yovanovich joins us remotely from São Paulo for a project on the evolution of retinal layering

LED-Zappelin’ out @HardwareX

Maxime’s paper on our 2p scan interdigitated LED zapper is now out in HardwareX complete with BOM and detailed build instructions. Want an easy and low cost way to zap your prep without swamping the PMTs? We got you covered!

Zimmermann MJY§, Chagas AM, Bartel P, Pop S, Prieto Godino LL, Baden T§. LED Zappelin’: An open source LED controller for arbitrary spectrum visual stimulation and optogenetics during 2-photon imaging. HardwareX e00127 (bioRxiv version). d

Paper on TReND out in Neuron

Nearly a decade after founding TReND together with Lucia Prieto Godino and Sadiq Yusuf, we are delighted to summarize our efforts and their impact in fostering (Neuro)science education and research on the African continent:

Baden T§, Maina MB, Maia Chagas A, Mohammed YG, Auer TO, Silbering A, von Tobel L, Pertin M, Hartig R, Aleksic J, Akinrinade I, Awadelkareem MA, Koumoundourou A, Jones A, Arieti F, Beale A, Munch D, Cury Salek S, Yusuf S, Prieto Godino LL§. TReND in Africa: Towards a Truly Global (Neuro)science Community. Neuron direct link. pdf.


New paper out in Current Biology

Congratulations to Mingyi, John, Paul, Filip and Takeshi on their new paper on zebrafish RGCs! Thanks also to our excellent collaborator Julie Semmelhack in Hong Kong, who is now supervising the second half of John’s PhD!

Zhou M*, Bear J*, Roberts PA, Janiak FK, Semmelhack J, Yoshimatsu T, Baden T§. Zebrafish Retinal Ganglion Cells Asymmetrically Encode Spectral and Temporal Information Across Visual Space. Current Biology 30:1-16. (bioRxiv version). direct link. pdf.

New paper on bioRxiv: 20 years of African Neuroscience

Congratulations to Mahmoud and his team for putting this together. Delighted to be involved

Maina MB$, Ahmad U, Ibrahim HA, Hamidu SK, Nasr FE, Salihu AT, Abushouk AI, Abdurrazak M, Awadelkareem MA, Amin A, Imam A, Akinrinade ID, Yakubu AH, Azeez IA, Yunusa GM, Adamu AA, Ibrahim HB, Bukar AM, Yaro AU, Prieto-Godino LL$ and Baden T$. 20 years of African Neuroscience: Waking a sleeping giant. bioRxiv