BBSRC funded postdoc position

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoc for studying zebrafish vision using multielectrode arrays. Building on ongoing work on larval zebrafish [1], the project will investigate how the population of retinal ganglion cells [2,3] of adult zebrafish encodes chromatic and spatial content in natural scenes. The project comprises both experimental and involved data analysis work. Previous relevant experience is essential.

A strong desire to study visual processing in the nervous system is required. Applications from any of the below subject areas will be considered: Neuroscience, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Maths. Previous experience with multielectrode arrays and/or complex (neural) data analysis is essential. Experience with vision science and spike sorting is an asset. For details, please visit the lab website ( and/or contact

[1] Zimmermann et al. 2017 bioRxiv, [2] Baden et al. 2016 Nature, [3] Field et al. 2010 Nature

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