We are delighted to run a FENS workshop/symposium on Open Labware at the upcoming FENS 2018 conference in Berlin (July 2018).

3D print your own lab equipment: Open Hardware, Education and Global Research Capacity building

We will present an overview of today’s possibilities to cheaply and efficiently build state-of-the-art research equipment using only 3D printed parts, microcontrollers and off-the-shelf electronic sensors and actuators. Moreover, we will present use cases of these types of developments in research, education and global capacity building, with examples taken from the Western and Central Europe as well as sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Greg Gage – co-founder of Backyard Brains and TED senior fellow.

Ivana Gadjanski – University of Belgrade, TED Fellow and co-founder of Pubsonic

Lucia Prieto Godino – University of Lausanne / The Crick Institute, London and co-founder of TReND in Africa

Andre Maia Chagas – University of Tuebingen, TReND in Africa and founder of OpeNeuroscience.com

(Chair: Tom Baden)