FlyPi paper out in PloS Biology

We are excited that our paper on FlyPi, a low-cost 3-D printable microscope and behavioural rig, is fresh out in PLoS Biology. Still barely scratching the surface of what is possible! Build one, improve it and reshare! #OpenSource

All documentation needed to build one is obviously included in the paper, and more info can be found on the dedicated project repositories:


Chagas AM§, Prieto Godino LL, Arrenberg AB and Baden T§. The 100 Euro Lab: A 3-D Printable Open Source Platform For Fluorescence Microscopy, Optogenetics And Accurate Temperature Control During Behaviour Of Zebrafish, Drosophila And C. elegans. PLoS Biology. direct link. (bioRxiv version). pdf.

1-year labiversary!

We successfully passed the 1st year of existence without blowing up anything (major) or running into deep dead ends (that we know of). This calls for celebration by way of showcasing a group shot from our recent lab retreat!

Also, here is a fishy video recently taken in India. Go zebrafish!



Openspritzer paper out in Nat Sci Rep.

Chris’ paper on OpenSpritzer, a DIY Picospritzer is out at Nature Scientific Reports. We are particularly chuffed about this one as it’s the 1st non-review/dispatch type article coming entirely out of the new lab. Well done Chris and our delightful co-authors from UCT, South Africa!

Forman CJ§, Tomes H, Mbobo B, Burman, RJ, Jacobs M, Baden T§, Raimondo JV§. Openspritzer: an open hardware pressure ejection system for reliably delivering picolitre volumes. Nat Sci Rep.  7:2188. (bioRxiv version). pdf.