On Tuesday 10th Nov 2021 Tom gave an online world-wide neuro seminar, hosted by IST Austra. The talk was recorded can be watched here: https://www.worldwideneuro.com/seminar-event.html?id=1267 

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In this talk I will summarize some of our recent unpublished work on spectral coding in the larval zebrafish retina. Combining 2p imaging, hyperspectral stimulation, computational modeling and connectomics, we take a renewed look at the spectral tuning of cone photoreceptors in the live eye. We find that already cones optimally rotate natural colour space in a PCA-like fashion to disambiguate greyscale from “colour” information. We then follow this signal through the retinal layers and ultimately into the brain to explore the major spectral computations performed by the visual system at its consecutive stages. We find that by and large, zebrafish colour vision can be broken into three major spectral zones: long wavelength grey-scale-like vision, short-wavelength prey capture circuits, and spectrally diverse mid-wavelength circuits which possibly support the bulk of “true colour vision” in this tetrachromate vertebrate.