Nearly a decade after founding TReND together with Lucia Prieto Godino and Sadiq Yusuf, we are delighted to summarize our efforts and their impact in fostering (Neuro)science education and research on the African continent:

Baden T§, Maina MB, Maia Chagas A, Mohammed YG, Auer TO, Silbering A, von Tobel L, Pertin M, Hartig R, Aleksic J, Akinrinade I, Awadelkareem MA, Koumoundourou A, Jones A, Arieti F, Beale A, Munch D, Cury Salek S, Yusuf S, Prieto Godino LL§. TReND in Africa: Towards a Truly Global (Neuro)science Community. Neuron direct link. pdf.