We are excited that one of our Open Labware designs, the FlyPi, was selected as a finalist for the 2016 Hackaday Prize under the category Citizen Science. This also means we are now in the running for the main 150k US$ Hackaday prize!

From the Hackaday website: “The Hackaday Prize is the greatest hardware competition on earth. We want to see the next great Open Hardware project benefit everyone. We’re working toward that by recognizing people who build, make, and design the coolest and most useful devices around.


Project contributors:

Andre Maia Chagas (CIN, Tuebingen, Germany and OpenNeuroscience); Lucia Prieto Godino (CIG, Lausanne, Switzerland and TReND in Africa); Aristides Arrenberg (CIN, Tuebingen, Germany); Tom Baden (Life Sciences, Sussex, UK, OpenLabware and TReND in Africa)